What is a visco foam mattress?

The up side layer of a visco mattress is prepared with thermoplastic foam. It acclimatizes exactly to the body contour and is often called “memory foam”. While pressing hands into this foam, a feeling will be left for some time (memory effect).

How are Visco foam mattresses constructed?

Since a high viscous foam layer would be too flexible, combinations of different materials are usually used for visco-foam mattresses. The mattress core may, for example, consist of cold foam or pocket springs, on which a corresponding foam layer is applied. Important is the optimal height of the viscose foam layer. If this is too high, the body would sink too much. Since the thermoelastic foam retains the shape of the body for a few seconds and only slowly regresses, turning or turning in bed would be very strenuous.

Those who are more sensitive to pressure, sleep on the side and spend a lot of time in bed (or better) are better advised to work with a thicker bed of 9 cm, for example, while regular sleepers with a 3 to 4 cm foam layer often sleep best. Explore huge range of branded Mattress Sale online at affordable price.

For whom are Visco foam mattresses suitable?

Viscoschaum distributes the body weight uniformly. No distasteful pressure spots. Hence the stuff is principally appropriate for side sleepers. Patients experiencing pressure ache or circulatory pains (like sleeping arms or may be legs) on usual beds get advantage from mattresses with a viscose bed. A visco foam mattress is also ideal for anyone who has tension, neuralgia (spinal pain) or spinal problems, and also for anyone who needs a lot of health care. In physiotherapy practice, these mattresses are applied to avoid decubitus (bedsores) too.

Because viscose foam is softer at higher temperatures, mattresses made from this material can feel hard in unheated rooms during the cold season. For “cold sleepers” they are therefore only conditionally suitable. Who tends to excessive sweating at night, should also resort to other types of mattresses, since Viscoschaum does not have very good ventilation properties.